Most of your daily life consists of sitting and sleeping! The majority of us, unfortunately, sit with poor posture. It is difficult to achieve good sitting posture as most chairs and seats that we sit on are not ergonomically designed. Thus, we develop poor postural habits early in life. Also, many of us sleep on pillows that are ineffecient in support.

Good sitting posture begins with understanding what natural posture is.

Humans are innately designed to have good posture. By observing 2-5 year old children sitting, we can learn how effortless and natural posture truly is. The key observation is that a child's natural spinal curves while standing are also preserved in the exact same shape when they sit down! As adults, we have better posture while standing, but the problems begin once we sit. We begin slouching and the natural curves of the spine are abandoned. This is engrained over time and becomes the reinforced norm. The Logic Back support allows you to regain your spinal curves effortlessly while sitting. Over time your back muscles become less fatigued, your posture improves and your lower back pain diminishes.

head pillow illustration2 pillow mockup

  1. The Logic Curve Pillow is designed with your biomechanics in mind!
  2. Unique contour neck support creates NEUTRAL EFFORTLESS POSTURE while you sleep.
  3. Flexible support is gentle allowing natural motion throughout the night for a deep uninterrupted sleep...YOU CHOOSE TO ADD AIR or WATER FOR YOUR PREFERRED SUPPORT!
  4. Neutral neck alignment with the Logic Curve Pillow is the key to a great night sleep because it takes the stress off of the delicate neck joints, discs and relieves pressure off of the nerves.
  5. Patented contour technology of the Logic Cure Pillow gently lifts, supports and corrects neck posture while sleeping to relieve neck pain and reduce muscle stiffness in the morning
  6. Ideal for side back and stomach sleepers.
  7. Ideal for travel, lightweight and easily portable .

Our Mission at Logicback Inc. is to help everyone achieve perfect posture while sitting to reduce back pain, and while sleeping to reduce neck pain. Sit smarter and sleep smarter with effortless neutral posture!