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We value our patients' experience at Thornhill Chiropractic and Wellness Centre. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. John Jaskot

Testimonials of the Month

I had been lucky to survive a near fatal car accident in 1985. My neck had been broken and I had come close to being paralyzed, but here I was still walking around. I always felt lucky to have had a second chance at life. When I met Dr John in the summer of 2002, it was to get orthotic sandals. The last thing I wanted was chiropractic care. Truthfully, I was afraid of chiropractors. My husband had been seeing Dr John for several years and kept telling me he was different from the other, but I didn't believe. Dr John had heard about my story of the accident and believed he could help, but he had to convince me first that I could be helped. I decided to put my trust in Dr John and try, telling him I was afraid and to be careful with my neck. Dr John is a gentle person and really cares about each and every patient. After taking x-rays and talking to me, he realized how much stress I was carrying around in my shoulders due to the neck injury and encouraged me to have regular chiropractic care. The road to recovery was long and painful but rewarding. With regular treatments, massage and discovering yoga, I became like super-woman - transformed. Instead of getting older, I was getting younger and never felt better in my life. I thank Dr John for being such a great doctor and above all for caring and making a positive difference in my life. He is one of my favourite people on this earth. I truly believe he is the best chiropractor in the world. If you are like me and skeptical or afraid, the best thing you can do is try, you will never regret it and never look back. It's never too late to move forward with your life and your health. Hope you liked my story. :-)

Claire Lemieux Lamarche

When I first came to see Dr. John Jaskot, I was suffering with a severe sinus infection, as well as vertigo, dizziness, headaches and so on.

It seemed the list was endless.
Thanks to Dr. Jaskot: my symptoms have been alleviated, and I see a big improvement in my overall health.

THANK YOU for helping me feel better by providing EXCELLENT Chiropractic care.
I always look forward to my adjustments.
Dr. Jaskot always leaves me feeling much better than when I came in.
He always takes the time to speak with me, and to answer any questions I might have.
I never feel like I am being rushed out.
I feel Dr. Jaskot truly cares about my health.
I want everybody to know how much I appreciate your friendly and helpful service.
I am happy to endorse and highly recommend Dr. John Jaskot to anyone looking for a great chiropractor.
From your patient,
Clara A.

My name is Rhonda Shlanger and I am 55 years old. I have been coming to Dr.Jaskot's office for approximately fourteen years.

Let me tell you how I came about seeing this amazing chiropractor. In the summer of 1995, we took a trip to California. One day, I slipped around the pool area at the resort. It was on the cement, but I thought nothing much about it.

Two weeks later, I had a pain in my lower right abdominal area that eventually travelled to my back and radiated down my right leg. I was in excruciating pain and was unable to sit, stand, lie down, or walk.

After seeing medical intervention for about a year, which consisted of drugs, tests, physiotherapy, and even acupuncture. I realized that my body was not responding and the pain persisted. I was told that I had a rotated pelvis with pinched nerve. Relief seemed to be a foreign word to me. I felt discouraged and wondered if I would ever be pain-free. The cost for all this in one year rose to $5000.00.

My husband Art, met Dr.Jaskot at a business meeting around that time, and was very impressed with how this young man presented himself. "One day you will visit this doctor", he told me. Finally, after realizing that I was not getting better through traditional medical treatment, I decided to try this doctor out. On a cold January day in 1996, I hobbled into his office. My spirits were low, since the pain was unbearable. He was my last resort and I honestly did not know what I would do if he could not help me. "So you finally decided to come in!" as he warmly greeted me. He immediately made me feel at ease as he gently examined my back and leg. While teaching me his philosophies about care at the same time.Dr.Jaskot got on the floor and showed me how to gently stretch my back muscles out and used ice packs to reduce inflammation. The ice was initially uncomfortable and even painful, but he told that heat would aggravate my condition. After arranging for aggressive massage therapy as well Dr.Jaskot taught me to take control of my situation.

My life style slowly improved, and eventually, I was able to do low impact exercise, and even go back to work full time. Today I get adjustments on a monthly basis as well as massage therapy. Before, I used to go three times a week! There are times that I still have pain, but I know what to do and will see the chiropractor if I have issues. I am happy to say that after so many years of discomfort, I am almost pain-free.

In my opinion Dr. John Jaskot is a very knowledgeable chiropractor, who not only understands how the back functions, but has an excellent understanding of how our entire bodies function on the whole. He tried to determine why a person is having specific challenges and deals with the cause.

Dr. John Jaskot is a beautiful human being. He possesses a great deal of compassion and he is always positive and upbeat about life. I love his sense of humour and how he can make his patients laugh. Laughing is for the body and soul. What I really admire about him is that I can be myself, and ask him anything without feeling judged or uncomfortable. He never rushes me out of his office and always had made me feel welcome and at ease. This doctor is not only interested in my back issues, he is genuinely interested in my life. Dr. Jaskot deals with the person first and the problem second. If anyone talks to me about similar challenges, I tell them what I have learned from this amazing person who I so admire.

I feel fortunate to have met Dr. John Jaskot, and I am so thankful for all he has done to help me. If it was not for my wonderful husband who encouraged me to see this chiropractor, I would have missed out in a great doctor and one terrific person.